Expert of Bubble Tea and Taiwanese Desserts

Since 1990, more than 30 years of experience have exercised our professional acumen in the hand shake and dessert industry. We can flexibly use various raw materials, such as tea, drinks powder, tapioca pearls, taro balls, syrup, etc., from commodity customers Systematic development and innovation of beverage formulas, store start-ups, beverage preparation teaching, menu design, professional team integration industry supply chain to provide you with one-stop integrated services.


One-stop vertical industry integration allows you to have the most unique and professional customized services

800800 kinds of hand shake and dessert raw materials


Familiar with food import regulations of various countries,
Assist customers in smooth customs clearance

36524 hours, 365 days customer service team


Over 30 years of accumulated experience, deeply cultivated in Taiwan and globally

6060 foreign sales experience


We operate transparently and consistently and have passed HACCP, ISO22000 food safety management system verification to ensure product quality and food hygiene. We continue to work hard to provide cus-tomers with safer, hygienic and stable products and services.

2020 professional and technical personnel to check your products


In the future, we will continue to strive for perfection, give full play to the advantages and competitiveness of our team, and develop Taiwan bubble tea towards diversification and internationalization with a model of steady growth and sustainable operation to meet the needs of the wider global market. Welcome Share with us.

Agents and Distribution

In order to provide more stable quality and better service to overseas customers, Jiuzhou Food strongly seeks friends who share our passion for the internationalization of Taiwanese bubble tea , and together we bring Taiwanese beverage culture to all corners of the world.