Jiuzhou food in addition to the developing of Taiwan for nearly 30 years, has accumulated nearly 20 years of bubble tea, taiwanese dessert export experience.

Our customers have long-term cooperation in the overseas, in addition to providing Jiuzhou brand, we also do branding
and professional OEM for overseas guests and well-known chain restaurants, so we decree countries for food provisions on the operation of the existing rail system.

In general , overseas customers need at least  15 working days before the Jiuzhou Food contact,we need to inform and
quantity of goods you ordered, and complete the transfer.

After we receive payment,will immediately production, packaging and shipment for export with the documents and procedures.Since Jiuzhou Foods adhere to the freshest goods to you,so accept overseas orders also require
domestic orders with respect to the job a long time,
welcome foreign friends who are interested to contact us as soon as possible in order to provide you with more information and service.

Jiuzhou Food offers drinks tea and other raw materials import and export trade,a small amount,a number of order
delivery service,can goods shipped to the country you specify. Think in foreign country engaged in the beverage business,brand tea, etc.partners ,the company's product quality and stability, the volume of adequate affordable all kinds of food items ,everything ,we meet customers' deployment of a diverse and customized exclusive
private version of the product to customers in the foreign tea markets can become tea beverage industry benchmark brand.

Business offer wholesale export of raw materials for export services: different Chinese mainland China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, the United States and other countries around the world ... country,not limited to any number of countries to address local delivery.

Change shipping charges States is quite large,basically the following costs  :

The company confirmed receipt of payment,will arrange the process and order processing procedures.About foreign shipping fee,the next single after the customer service staff will contact you with any questions are also welcome
your calls 02-26640558 contact us,we will serve you immediately.