Bubble Tea Shop Opening Course(3 Day) We can help you reach your dream of a bubble tea shop, you will enjoy 1-on-1 teaching,and professional lecturers will guide you carefully

Here you can learn:
1. How to make original pearls, brown sugar pearls, colored pearls, etc.
2. Assam black tea, jasmine green tea, Tieguanyin oolong, Four Seasons tea and other tea base brewing methods.
3. Various ways of making milk tea and fresh milk tea.
4. Fruit series drinks and other various methods.
5. Foam milk drinks and other methods.
6. Various smoothie drinks recipes.
7. Operation and maintenance of mechanical equipment
8. Sharing practical experience in opening a store
(Pre-store evaluation, brand positioning, circulation design, cost calculation, pricing method, marketing case)
Course Introduction
Please read carefully::

The course adopts a special appointment system. In order to avoid overlapping with other courses, please make an appointment as soon as possible.
In order to maintain good teaching quality, the course is suitable for two (inclusive) or less.
After confirming the scheduled course date, the full course fee must be paid in advance.
If classes cannot be held due to natural disasters, the date will be changed or the fees paid will be refunded in full.。

(For natural disasters (typhoons, earthquakes, torrential rain, etc.), classes will be suspended in accordance with the announcement of the Bureau of Personnel Administration of the Executive Yuan or the New Taipei City Government (where students live).
Students who are unable to attend classes after completing registration and payment will be refunded according to the following standards:

If you cancel the course seven days before the start of the course (excluding holidays), 50% of the paid deposit will be refunded.
If the course is cancelled within seven days (excluding holidays) of the course, the deposit will not be refunded.
If a student is notified one day before the class starts and wants to postpone the class for some reason, the grant and reservation must complete the course within one month of the qualification.
AM10:00~10:05 Course Introduction
AM10:05~11:05 Introduction of raw materials, consumables and machinery and equipment Making Tapioca Pearl, Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Green Tea, Tea Presso Making Tapioca Pearl, Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Green Tea, Tea Presso
AM10:30~12:00 Tea Teaching: Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Green Tea, Tea Presso Making Milk Tea, Fresh Milk Tea Drinks Fresh special drink teaching (15 types in total)
AM12:00~13:00 lunch time lunch time lunch time
PM13:00~15:00 Tea, Milk Tea, Tea Tea Presso Drink Teaching (25 types in total) Tea Latte Teaching (8 types in total) Review of Fresh Special Drinks
PM15:00~15:15 rest rest rest
PM15:15~16:15 Tapioca &Topping Cooking Teaching General Review of The Day Smoothie Drink Teaching (10 types in total)
PM16:15~17:00 General Review of The Day General Review of The Day General Review of The Day